DWI & the Ignition Interlock Device

Minnesota law now requires certain drivers to use something called an ignition interlock device  if they want to be able to drive during the time their license is suspended due to a DWI.


What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

The ignition interlock device is a machine that requires the driver to blow into a tube to prove he has not been drinking.  If the device detects more than .02% of alcohol on the driver’s breath, it will prevent the car from starting.  Once the car has started, the ignition interlock device will require the driver to take additional random tests as he is driving to prove that he is still not drinking.  If the device detects alcohol on the driver’s breath while he is driving, the device will require the driver to take the car in to have the device “calibrated,” or tested to make sure it is working correctly.  Violations can result in longer license suspensions.

Is it safe for people to be blowing into tubes as they drive down the road?  I’ve had clients tell me it is extremely distracting and almost as bad as texting.  However, only time will tell.

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