Criminal Possession of Firearms

In Minnesota there are laws that make it illegal for certain people to possess firearms including, but not limited to, all types of guns, pistols and military style assault weapons.

Lifetime Ban – Crimes of Violence

Anybody who has been found guilty and convicted of, or adjudicated delinquent for, committing a crime of violence in Minnesota, or any other state, is prohibited from possessing any type of firearm for life.  The list of criminal offenses that are considered “crimes of violence” is found at Minnesota Statute 624.712, subdivision 5.

Ban Pending Restoration of Civil Rights

Anybody who is convicted of a felony that does not qualify as a “crime of violence” is also banned from possessing any and all types of firearms.  However, these felony convictions do not result in a lifetime ban.  Rather, these convicted felons re-gain the right to possess firearms as soon as their civil rights are restored, which happens once they have served their sentence, completed the entire period of probation, and been formally discharged from all forms of probation for the crime.

Time Limited Bans

In addition to the above two cut-and-dried rules, there is a long list of situations where people lose their right to possess firearms for a limited period of time.  I will address these situations in a separate post as they are too numerous and too varied to include here.

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