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Purchasing a piece of real estate is one of the most exciting, and often times the most expensive, purchase a person will make in their life.  Whether it is your first home, an investment property, or a new business the details can be overwhelming.  Just getting through the purchase can seem like an overwhelming prospect.  Sometimes issues arise long after you have owned the property for years.  For example, a neighbor disputes the boundary line, claiming your firepit is on his property, or suddenly you find a gate across the driveway you have used for years to get to your cabin.

These issues are extremely stressful considering the amount of money and effort you have invested over the years.  Maybe you simply want to transfer your home as a gift to your son/daughter and need a Quit Claim Deed to get it done.  In situations like these you need an attorney who understands what you are dealing with, and the skills to get it taken care of in the shortest amount of time possible.

Carol is that attorney.

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