Application Fee

Each person applying for services from the county child support office has to pay a $25 application fee.  If the person applying receives public assistance, the fee is waived.

Fee for Full Child Support Services

If you receive full child support services from the county and you are the person receiving child support or spousal maintenance (known as the oblige), you will be charged a cost recovery fee equal to 2% of the total amount of child support and spousal maintenance collected.  If you are the
person paying the child support or spousal maintenance (known as the obligor), you will be charged a cost recovery fee equal to 2% of the monthly court-ordered obligation.  This fee is waived for anyone receiving public assistance.  Full child support services means the county not only collects the money, but brings enforcement actions if payments are not being made, and handles cost of living (COLA) adjustments.

Fee for Income Withholding only Services

If you do not want full child support services, but just want the county to collect the money owed, this is known as “income withholding only” services.  If income withholding only services are used then the obligor, person paying the money, has to pay a monthly fee of $15.

Annual Fee

Lastly, if neither person has ever received public assistance, then an annual fee of $25 is charged once $500 worth of support or maintenance has been collected.

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