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Children are precious, and when parents do not reside together, the stress involved in resolving custody and parenting time (visitation) issues can be overwhelming. Emotions run high. Many times custody and parenting time issues can be resolved by agreement between the parties with the assistance of a skilled attorney or mediator. However, in those situations where an agreement simply cannot be reached, the judge must decide who gets custody and what parenting time (visitation) looks like. In making his/her decision, the judge must weigh and balance 13 best interest factors to determine who should get custody and what parenting time (visitation) is ordered. If you are in a situation where an agreement cannot be reached, you need an attorney who will ensure the evidence necessary to support your position is collected, and then persuasively presented to the judge with a vigorous and strong argument to support your case.

Equally challenging are the financial issues involved in a divorce. When a couple divorces, there are many financial issues to resolve including child support, spousal maintenance (alimony) and the division of property such as pensions, cars and houses. The laws relating to the division of property are complicated. If you owned any part of the property before you got married, you likely have a non-marital interest that must be calculated. If you have unique income issues, they must be analyzed and argued in a way that ensures any child support obligation set is fair considering the law and your personal circumstances.

Carol has many years of experience, understands your situation, and can provide expert advice when you need it most. Carol has an in depth understanding of how the judge decides custody and property issues, and will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.

Family Law Posts

County Charges for Collecting Child Support

Application Fee Each person applying for services from the county child support office has to pay a $25 application fee.  If the person applying receives public assistance, the fee is waived. Fee for Full Child Support Services If you receive full child support...

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Tax Dependency Exemptions & the Non Custodial Parent

Can I claim my child on my taxes if I don't have physical custody? According to the federal tax code, the parent with primary physical custody is entitled to claim the child as a dependent on his/her taxes.  However, a state district court judge does have the legal...

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