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Sometimes very good people find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Misdemeanor DWI, gross misdemeanor domestic assault, felony controlled substances or even a barking dog can result in criminal charges that pull you into the court system. As soon as you receive the citation or complaint, hearings are scheduled and you are expected to appear in front of a judge and begin making very important decisions. Decisions that could effect your ability to work in certain professions, drive your car or in extreme cases live in certain neighborhoods. The laws relating to each type of criminal charge are complex. You need an attorney who has the experience necessary to accurately analyze the evidence in your case, make effective challenges to the admissibility of that evidence, and convince a jury of your innocence.

As a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of criminal cases involving everything from minor traffic violations through first degree murder, Carol has the experience and determination you need.  Carol understands the laws related to these charges, and knows how to attack the prosecutor’s case in order to obtain the best possible result for you.

Criminal Law Posts

DWI & the Ignition Interlock Device

DWI & the Ignition Interlock Device Minnesota law now requires certain drivers to use something called an ignition interlock device  if they want to be able to drive during the time their license is suspended due to a DWI.   What is an Ignition Interlock...

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License Suspension for First DWI – New Law

New Minnesota DWI Laws In July of 2011 Minnesota made several changes to its DWI laws.  There are far too many changes to list them all in a single blog post, so I will be breaking them down into smaller topics and covering them one at a time over the coming weeks....

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