Correct Tax Filing Status for Divorcing Couples


Long story short, your filing status is decided based on your marital status as it stands on the last day of the calendar year.  For most everybody out there, the last day of the tax calendar year is December 31st.

If your divorce is not legally finalized and signed off on by a judge as of December 31st,  your options are to either file as “married filing jointly,” or as “married filing separately.”   Each of these filing statuses carry with it different tax consequences, so you should consult with a professional tax advisor before choosing which way to go.

Carol Mayer is an experienced divorce attorney who can help make sure your rights are protected and you are treated fairly in the process.  Carol Mayer represents clients in all metropolitan counties and cities including but not limited to Sibley, Carver, Scott, Anoka, Hennepin, Stearns, Blue Earth, LeSueur, Brown, Nicollet, Arlington, Gaylord, McLeod, Chaska, Hutchinson, Mankato, Shakopee, Prior Lake, Belle Plaine, Jordan, and many more throughout Minnesota.